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May 7, - Goes to show what a good cast bullet and a fps will do Linebaugh Seminar Penetration Test Eustace Texas April 27,28,&29 Inches I read an interesting 44mag penetration test. What do you think.

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Jun 23, - Caliber bullet and average velocity (from two rounds fired thru chrono) test 1 (Paper only)/ test 2 (total penetration, paper + 4" dia. beef knuckle Hardcast, meplats, and hunting. Linebaugh, Sierra, , 1,, , n/a, Year tested , Saeco Hard Cast, , 2,, , n/a, Expanded and shed the mushroom. Year tested.

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John Linebaugh, 50 caliber handgun, inventor of caliber and caliber handgun, custom gun maker, big bore revolvers. Apr 12, - Big-bore revolutionary John Linebaugh shares his thoughts on why All the testing I've done also found deeper penetration than the, too.

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Here are the legendary Linebaugh creations performing an extreme penetration test pushing cast bullets. Sep 1, - For those that don't know the man behind theses tests is John Linebaugh who makes custom revolvers. He has designed some of the rounds Testing the 10mm, 45 Super, Rowland and 44 Magnum for.

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Oct 8, - Excellent feedback from the John Linebaugh seminar. Regardless, here is the results of the penetration tests with the three loads of Dixie. Linebaugh gr. hardcast lead 1, fps 52" Go to and click on Linebaugh penetration tests in the right column.

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Field results corroborate the ballistic testing. Ross Seyfried has gotten almost five feet of penetration with the Linebaugh using a modified Trophy Bonded. Aug 14, - Keith style bullet has the same penetration at an impact velocity of fps as a . One thing is very apparent in Linebaugh's penetration tests.

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Jan 12, - Results of testing done by John Linebaugh. 44” Linebaugh Max gr Cast Performance WFN fps 51” Linebaugh Max gr. At the Midwest Big Bore Seminar, we use two separate stacks of wet pack for the penetration tests. They are 8 feet in length. At Cody, John uses.

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Last weekend, bfrshooter and I performed a penetration test using a number of calibers, but mostly focussing on the Linebaugh. While it is. Aug 6, - Opinion for Linebaugh v. The test is whether the kind of record which might be developed, giving the benefit of .. intent to injure or harm can be inferred as a matter of law from the alleged sexual penetration of said child.

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When we tested the Linebaugh, we first wondered how several This numeric indicator of penetration capability doesn't make the potential of the TAFFIN TESTS: THE LINEBAUGH on his laurels and instead decided to combine the bullet weight of the with the penetration of the Casull.

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Linebaugh Penetration Tests Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight (gr) Velocity Paper (in) Paper & Bone (in) Comments x62 Nosler. Linebaugh penetration seminar, I wit- interested in penetration testing testing. Mesquite trees are super tough, and it doesn't take a big one to stop a normal.

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Linebaugh revolver reportedly put a cast slug 44 inches into an elephant's head before lodging in the animal's third vertebra. (Penetration Test at the. Jul 25, - Sundance, I have spoken with John Linebaugh at great length several . on this, see the penetration tests from the latest Linebaugh seminar.

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The Maximum, or Linebaugh Long as some call it, is the edge of usable .. conducted penetration tests with the load but I expect it'll out-pace the Test barrel length: " Source(s): "Cartridges of the World". The Ruger (×33mmR) is a large, high-power revolver cartridge, introduced in by The Linebaugh was introduced around as a custom, 5-shot Ruger where deep penetration is required for a quick, humane kill, and the heavy, cast Keith.

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We all know the Magnum, Casull, & Linebaugh pack lots of testing, enterprise risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, staff augmentation, and process design West Linebaugh Avenue.

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Dec 16, - At a Linebaugh seminar my Rigby shootinging rounds nose .. This is why I do my own penetration tests on my rifle's and various. In a nutshell, Linebaugh's results demonstrated once again that penetration of a I believe that the test gun used by Hodgdon was a "fast gun" as I haven't been.